Scary Teacher 3D

Scary Teacher 3D


An enthralling adventure game. Scary teacher 3D introduces you to a world of excitement and keeps your mind engaged and working. The game introduces a scary teacher, notorious for being awful to her school students.

Well, she lives close to you now. It’s time to play some pranks and give the frightful teacher something to be worked up about. The fifteen rooms in the teacher’s house serve as the levels. This contains mysteries, which must be figured out and just within a limited time.

Players would have to apply tact in retrieving the items from the room. This is because they must not be caught by the scary teacher and lose the round. Accumulated coins can be used in purchasing energy cans so that you can keep up with the fast pace.

For a horror game, scary teacher 3D is all shades of fun and suitable for younger kids too. The controls are pretty easy to navigate, and there are neither obscene scenes nor aggressive violence. Scary Teacher 3D is a single-player video game that affords you the right amount of fun and adventure.

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