Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City



This a part of the GTA series written by Dan Houser and James Worrall and produced by Leslie Benzies. This single-player action-adventure game that is available on different devices. It is currently available on Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, Mac OS, Fire OS, Xbox, and PlayStation 2.

This game has a fictional story based on Vice City, Miami, in 1986. GTA Vice City was said to have been the most realistic game with the best 3D graphics, unlike other GTA versions.

Vice City remains unbeaten as the most outstanding production of Rockstar Games. It recorded immense sales in less than 24 hours following its release. In 2008, GTA Vice City sold over 17 million copies.

Gaming enthusiasts are mainly attracted to Vice City because of how its fantastic plot and realistic control physics were successfully integrated. GTA Vice City features an exceptional open-world concept and gives players an unmatched realistic gaming experience.

The game involves controlling the drug dealer, Tommy Vercetti, to complete several different missions as he tries to take back the city. GTA Vice City has amazing and engaging gameplay and involves completing set objectives as you progress in the story.

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