Free Fire

Free Fire


Free Fire is an online action and adventure battle royale multiplayer game that is played in the third-person perspective. Free Fire consists of 50 players, and the game begins with these players landing on an island from a parachute.

Once players land on this island, they scavenge for weapons and other useful equipment. They will use these items to kill other players and also provide defense for themselves.

What’s amazing about the game is that players can decide where they want to land. Another amazing thing is that players can extend the battle life by taking supplies and weapons.

Players enter a plane when the game begins, and this plane would go over the island. During this period, a player can decide the best spot to jump out of the plane. This helps players to be able to strategical work out how they land. It also ensures that players are able to land far away from enemies and other players.

Surviving on the island is the ultimate goal to achieve in Free Fire. Therefore, you must eliminate all your opponents.

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