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  • 2020, 08, 29
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As a battle royale, sandbox, and survival game boasts of three game modes. However, these modes have similar game mechanics, art assets, and graphics. The game was designed by Epic Games and published by the same gaming company.

Save the World involves four players who will play in the PvE mode. Players in this game will collaborate to complete different missions. Also, players will fight zombie creatures in the game to ensure their survival.

For the Fortnite Battle Royale, up to 100 players will battle in the PvP game. However, the goal is to be the last surviving player. What’s amazing about this game is the fact that players can play it in squads, duo, or alone. The aim of this is to reduce the number of opponents.

Fortnite Creative is the mode that gives players a lot of freedom. Players can create racecourses, battle arenas, and also platforming challenges. This mode also allows players to spawn different items within the game.

It is worth noting that these three games are not the only amazing things about the game, and there’s more.

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